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Available in: Steel

Available Sizes: 1/4", 516", and 3/8"

JT21 staples are the T50's little brother. Although often referred to as light duty, there’s really nothing “light” about them. Built with the same quality and precision as the T50, these staples utilize a thinner wire in a smaller staple format to deliver great holding power. They are exceptionally easy to fire, making JT21 staples a favorite with crafters, DIYers, and those with limited grip strength. Used for general home repairs, crafting, art projects, and upholstery.

 Still proudly made in the USA.



When you need instant, easy application and removal, turn to the proven durability of classic Pony spring clamps. Throughout the clamp’s range of opening, the point of pressure always remains at the lightweight, zinc-plated steel jaw tips to ensure they’ll hold it together exactly where you need them. Available poly-vinyl protected handles and jaw tips mean you can use them on metal, wood, plastic, fabric, and beyond. And their contoured handles won’t dig into your hands.

Product Number Protected Handle and Tips Max Opening Reach
3201 Without 1 in. 1 1/4 in.
3201-HT With 1 in. 1 1/4 in.
3202 Without 2 in. 2 in.
3202-HT With 2 in. 2 in.
3203 Without 3 in. 3 in.
3203-HT With 3 in. 3 in.
3204-HT With 4 in. 4 in.

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